CAPE Outstanding Publication Award

Deadline: November 15th , 2020

Nominations should include the following:

  • A detailed nomination letter (no self-nominations) describing the nominee, the significance of the nominee’s work, and his/her qualifications for the award
  • A detailed CV of the nominee
  • A digital copy of the publication for which the nomination is being made.

The Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers has established an award made to an individual who publishes a book or journal article that exemplifies creativity and rigor.

The award is named “The (year) Cultural and Political Ecology Outstanding Publication Award in recognition of innovative scholarship in cultural and political ecology, as demonstrated by publication of (article or book title).”

The award is made for a single publication that is clearly innovative and has the potential to be seminal in areas of research that are important to members of the Specialty Group. The intent is to recognize authors at any stage in their careers who demonstrate leadership through broadly influential, critical, innovative thinking. The publication can be a journal article or a book but must be sole-authored.

The award is offered annually, though one need not be granted if a deserving candidate cannot be identified in a given year. Under no circumstances is more than one award made annually, but Honorable Mention may be given to one or more nominees, when the review committee deems appropriate. The book or article must have been published within the two calendar years preceding the year of award. Please see list of previous winners of the award (formerly known as the James M. Blaut Award) when considering potential nominees. Submit all materials to CAPE Chair, Kimberley Thomas (