CAPE Scholar-Activist Award

Deadline: January 31st, 2021

CAPE sponsors a small grant award open to all CAPE members engaged in projects of scholar activism. Geographers and political ecologists are increasingly engaging in various forms of public scholarship including scholar-activism which aims to collaborate with NGOs and grassroots social movements, and civil society toward social change.

At its best, scholar activism triangulates research to simultaneously participate in current theoretical debates, fulfill the interests of non-academic collaborators, and take into consideration broader interests of publics or institutions served by the analysis (Derickson and Routledge 2015). This award seeks to support geographers whose work does just this.

One award of up to $1000, or two awards whose combined amount does not exceed $1000, will be granted, subject to approval by the CAPE Awards Committee. The principal objective will be to support new or ongoing projects of public scholarship or scholar activism. Projects might include digital storytelling, participatory mapping, website development or maintenance, collaborative workshops, etc. Eligible candidates must be a member of the AAG and CAPE at the time of submission.

Funds must be used within one year of the award disbursement. At the end of this period, awardees are required to report back to the membership in one of the follow formats:

  • AAG Annual Meeting
    1. Poster, panel, or paper presentation at AAG; or,
  • Report to be posted on the CAPE website
    1. Written report or photo essay describing the project and how it was supported by the award

Proposals should be submitted to CAPE Chair, Kimberley Thomas ( and include the following:

  • title page with name of applicant, address and phone number, title of project,
  • project description of no more than 1000 words (excluding references), that includes discussion of how the research, following Derickson and Routledge (2015),
    1. engages in current theoretical debates
    2. fulfills the interests of non-academic collaborators, and
    3. speaks to broader interests of publics or institutions
  • list of cited references
  • budget and budget justification (one page)
  • project timeline (should be able to be completed within one year)
  • curriculum vitae of the lead PI(s)

Please submit application materials to Kimberley Thomas ( on or before January 31.

Derickson, K.D. and P. Routledge. 2015. Resourcing Scholar-Activism: Collaboration, Transformation, and the Production of Knowledge. The Professional Geographer. 67(1): 1–7.