Philip W. Porter

Phil Porter

Winner of the 1996 Robert McC. Netting Award

Philip Wayland Porter was the recipient of the 1996 Robert McC. Netting Award. 1996 was the innaugual year for this award, to be given annually by the CESG in recognition of distinguished research and professional activities that bridge geography and anthropology. Phil Porter is Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota, where he has taught for 40 years, interrupted by numerous seasons of field research in Africa, two years of teaching at the University of Dar es Salaam, and four years as Director of the Office of International Programs at Minnesota. Porter’s long career of research and teaching collaboration with Anthropologists began with his participation in the Culture and Ecology in East Africa Project. That pioneering research involved 13 months of field work with five anthropologists in Kenya, Tanganyika, and Uganda in 1961-62. Porter claims that he has always been more interested in getting research right than getting it published. Nevertheless, Porter is well known for his many publications, including numerous articles in the Annals, PG, and American Anthropologist. In short, Phil Porter’s career has been marked by research and professional contributions valued by geographers and anthropologists alike.

– Nicholas Dunning.

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